August 31, 2014

The Granny Square Quilt is Finished.

Here it is.  The front and the back.  Done.  I worked on it all day yesterday and finished sewing the back of the binding last night.  Yeah.

August 28, 2014

My Updated Project List.

This is my project list that has all my goals after I finish the granny square quilt next week.

1.  Make a pillow cover from the granny square quilt fabric to match.

2.  Paint my canisters for the kitchen.

3.  Make headrest covers for my new car with pretty black/white fabric I bought.

4.  Finish the secret birthday project.  The embroidery is done, I only have to frame it in the embroidery hoop I found and it will be done.  Unfortunately, framing it is a process, because I have to wrap the outside part of the hoop with ribbon to decorate it and then put a backing on it after I place the embroidery in the hoop.

5.  Make the dog's harness.  I have all the hardware now.

6.  Put the new kitty cat panel together for a door decoration.

7.  Make a red, white, and blue star front door decoration for patriotic holidays in the future.

8.  Start my pink/green floral girl quilt for my bedroom.

9.  Update my bathroom (take out the turquoise and replace it with pink/green/flowers).

10.  Make a doggie coat for the winter.

More About Straight Pins And Pincushions

    I bought some more tomato pincushions last week and I fixed them up with their straight pins over the last few nights while watching T.V.  Here is my complete collection of pincushions (I marked the home made pin cushions with a black circle) with all my straight pins.  The pink, yellow and brown pincushions all have emery sand in them and my pins love them.  The pearl topped pins are corsage pins.  I won't be using those in my sewing projects, but they were so pretty I had to have them.

     I also have another idea for another pincushions to make.  Wool pincushions are supposed to be really great for your pins and a couple of days ago I realized I could be making my own 100% wool pin cushions with all the wool yarn I have.  I had some inspiration for this project from something I found on Etsy.  There is a kit for a wool pincushion, they give you several colors of wool roving and felting needles and you layer the roving while you are felting it and the end result looks like a geode.  See it here.   While I didn't want to buy a kit to make one, I started thinking about what I could use.  A couple of Google searches later and I found a tutorial for wool dryer balls that you make with wool roving or wool yarn that you felt by washing them in the washer and dryer.  I definitely want to make myself some wool dryer balls, (link to a tutorial here) and while I'm making wool dryer balls (I have a lot of wool yarn in my stash) I can make a few and cut them in half to make the wool pincushions that sit flat.  Here is a link to a tutorial on the making a round wool pincushion with yarn and roving.  Link here.  I have three balls of yarn already wound up and ready for the washer.  I'll share my results with you in another post.

    I've organized my pitiful button collection into seven different quart size mason jars but I don't have near enough buttons in any of the jars to make it look good, so I'm thinking about getting smaller jars.  I haven't bought a lot of buttons in the last year and I'm thinking my collection is not going to get much bigger anytime soon.  This is what they look like now.

   The left jar has the black buttons and the googly eyes for stuffed animals in it and the next jar has lots of buttons that you have to cover with fabric.

What a sad display.  I definitely need smaller button jars.

August 24, 2014

The Granny Square Quilt Is Pin Basted. Finally.

I got the back pieced today and pin basted all three layers tonight.  Here is a picture of the back and the blocks I centered in between the third and fourth rows of the top.  It was not easy to line up but I made it work after fussing with the batting and the top for about 30 minutes.

Here's a picture of the top before pin basting to refresh your memory.

And here is a picture of the back with my granny square blocks.

Another picture of the entire back.

I'll be quilting this with straight lines in a grid pattern.  Nothing fancy, just plain quilting.  I should have it quilted and bound in a couple of weeks.  Until then, I'll pop in with little projects to show you.

August 23, 2014

Organizing My Crafting Supplies

    I'm still working on the granny square quilt.  I have the backing washed and I'm making the squares to piece the backing.  After the third block is pieced I have to iron the backing, sash the blocks and get the backing pieced.  It's coming along slow but sure.

    While I'm sewing on this quilt, I'm also organizing my crafting supplies.  Unfortunately my crafting supplies are spread out in three rooms and I'm having a hard time keeping track of them so I decided it was time to get my like items together and put them somewhere I could find them.

   I started the organizing last week by getting my straight pin collection under control.  I have three emery pincushions I made that I keep straight pins in that I use all the time.  These pins are the long 2" quilting pins with the flower and butterfly plastic tops, but I also have a storage bowl full of shorter straight pins that have those plastic beaded heads that I was using for regular garment sewing years ago.  Every time I reach in that bowl when I need more pins I curse because I get stuck with the ends of lots of pins.  To eliminate that problem I took an old tomato pin cushion and I stuck a bunch of pins in it to make them easier to get to.  Love the look and the convenience.  I still have lots of straight pins to organize and I have more tomatoes on the way to help me.  I did have to order additional straight pins when I ordered my tomatoes because, well, they were pretty.

     The next item I had to organize were my sewing scissors.  I had some here and some there, so this afternoon I gathered them all up and put them where I can find them.  In the sewing room.  My favorites are the animal print Ginghers in the middle.  They are the perfect size and weight scissor for sewing.  I bought the zebra handled scissors a few weeks ago because I couldn't leave Walmart without them.  The scissors with the pink handles on the end are pinking shears that I haven't used in a lot of years, but I keep them just in case.  I like keeping the little scissors around for embroidery and the spring handled snips at the bottom are always next to my sewing machine because I can't sew without them.  

   After I organized my sewing scissors I gathered up the scissors I use in my knitting/crochet bags.  The little teeny tiny scissors are small enough to carry on an airplane.  I have carried them on twice while flying in this country and had no problem with them but I do make sure my crochet hook or knitting needles are bamboo.

    Next big job is organizing my fabric stash.  

    This box drives me crazy.  Maybe someday I can figure out a better way to store my fabric.  The box is 19" x 28" x 12" deep and you can see it is jammed packed.

August 19, 2014

Granny Square Afghan Is Finished.

I finished it last night and I took this picture, but it is so big I couldn't find a decent place to lay it out.  I might have gotten a better picture outside on the deck but it was raining.  This is 80 - 8" granny squares joined together bordered with four rounds of single crochet.  Anyway, it has to be washed and packed then I can take it to the post office on Friday, on it's way to it's new home.  I hope the sister-in-law likes it.

Now I can finished the daughter's quilt.  I have the backing washed, it has to be ironed and I have to finish the blocks to piece the back.  I should have the back put together by Saturday.  I ordered the batting yesterday and I'll have that next week.

I also ordered this pretty fabric to make custom headrest covers for my new car.  The interior is basic black so I thought I would jazz it up a little with some headrest covers made with a pretty fabric.

And I also bordered the backing/binding fabric (solid pink) for my next quilt project.  I'm going to make an irish chain using white solid squares and the pink and green rose floral prints in the 9 patches.  That quilt project will be for me.

August 18, 2014

I Won A Hand Crank Singer On Ebay Last Night

I won this machine from an ebay seller last night.  I've been wanting a hand crank machine for a few months now and I finally had some extra money to bid on one.  I can't wait to get it.

Almost Finished With My Granny Square Afghan

I'm working on the last border round.  I should be done tonight and I will share it here.

Right now I'm trying to think of a name for my new car.  Saturday I went to look at the Kia Soul and found a beautiful 2015 with my name on it.  I love my new car.  I've been buying Toyotas for the last 20 years but they stopped making the Matrix and I couldn't find another Toyota model I liked as well, so I traded in my almost 9 year Toyota Matrix for a new Kia Soul.  I also wanted to buy a car from a woman salesperson and my local Toyota dealership doesn't have any women on it's sales staff.  So I checked with the local Kia dealership because the Soul was number one on my list of replacements and they do have a woman on their sales staff (maybe more) and the General Manager is also a woman.  A very smart woman.  I actually worked with the General Manager because the lady I had an appointment with was busy with another buyer. I'm looking forward to nine good years with my Kia Soul, to be named soon.

Edited to Add:  New car is now named.   Pretty penny.   (As in, this car costs a  . . .).

August 13, 2014

Time To Finish My Granny Square Afghan and Quilt

   I pulled out the crocheted granny squares I made in May and put them together in 10 rows of 8 squares.  I'm in the process of crocheting all the rows together.  I timed myself last night and I can put two rows together in an hour.  Next step will be a simple single crocheted border and I'll be done.  I should  have this finished by August 23rd.  I hope I have it finished before that so I can mail it on August 23rd.  It's being sent to my sister-in-law in PA.

   Pics of my progress as of tonight (4 rows put together).

    I'm alternating sewing two more granny square blocks for the back of the granny square quilt top I finished a couple of weekends ago.  I washed the backing material tonight and that is ready to be ironed and pieced.

   Pictures of the two granny squares I have to sew together for the backing.

August 11, 2014

Painting Plates to Decorate the Kitchen Wall

I've had these plates for almost 10 years and they have been sitting gathering dust in my display cabinet.   I bought them to hang on the wall of the bedroom but I never got around to it.  So I decided to paint them to decorate my kitchen wall and match my pretty new blue/yellow/green dresden plate curtains.  So here are the before and after pictures.  I painted them with acrylic paint without a medium and the paint was very thick and didn't spread very easily.  I'm not familiar with painting so I realized too late that the paint needed to be thinned a little.  This paint job will do for now.  I can repaint them later after I get a medium and make it neater.  I also put a clear coat of Modge Podge on top of the paint so the plates are shiny.  

This plate I painted yellow.